Digital Audio & Video Transcription

For fast and accurate transcription of:

  • Audio and video dictation
  • One-on-one and group interviews
  • Author book dictation and more

Send us your recordings in digital audio and video format and we’ll handle all of your transcription needs!

Please note, one hour of dictation may take from 4-6+ hours to transcribe, depending on the quality of the audio, the number of voices on the tape, etc.

Listed below are a few tips which will help ensure the accuracy of the final product.


  • Use a quality microphone.
  • If there are several speakers, have each speaker wear a microphone on his or her lapel.
  • If there are several speakers, remind each person that their discussion is being recorded and only one person may speak at a time.
  • Speak loudly and clearly and not too quickly or too slowly.
  • Practice to find the optimal distance from the microphone as well as speaking volume.
  • Identify yourself and any other speakers on the tape.
  • Dictate any punctuation or style preferences.
    Spell any words or proper names which may be unfamiliar to the transcriptionist.