Proofreading & Editing Services

When you have a large document needing proofreading, please keep us in mind.

We have many years of experience and will give your files a thorough review.

  • Edits can be marked using Microsoft Word redlines or PDF comments.
  • All documents will be checked for typographical errors, consistency, grammar and clarity, and any discrepancies will be noted for review.

Please read our Terms of Service below.

Terms of Service
All proofreading recommendations by Carol Allen Document Design are suggestions only; it is the sole responsibility of the Client to determine whether or not to implement any such recommendations. The Client is solely responsible for the accuracy of the final product.

All documents are proofread to a high and exacting standard. However, Carol Allen Document Design provides no guarantee that the client’s work will be error free. Carol Allen Document Design cannot be held liable for any loss due to any proofreading services provided by Carol Allen Document Design.